Nightmare #13 – Drowning my Shame

(Male, 30’s) I don’t know if this is exactly a nightmare, but it sure is kind of strange.

I dreamt that my wife told me that the baby she’s pregnant with isn’t mine. My wife actually IS pregnant, by the way. For some reason, this revelation made me want to kill myself.

…For some reason, this revelation made me want to kill myself….

I can’t figure out exactly WHY I had to kill myself but it seemed obvious in the context of the dream, like there was just nothing else for me to do in those circumstances. So I went out to this lake that’s by our condo and I walked out into it. And of course I floated. Even in my dream, I realized that I would float in water. And I started getting angry, angry that I couldn’t drown. I dove under the water, hoping I could make myself sink but I kept bobbing back up to the surface. Over and over. I woke up just beside myself with anger that I couldn’t drown.

I thought the dream was so weird – and kind of funny – that I woke my wife up and told it to her.

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