Dark Gallery #1 — Nepotism?

ghostmummyVampire-girlSkeleton in Crayon Black Lagoon CreatureFrankenstein’s-Monster

Why deny it? – the favoritism is OBVIOUS in my selections for the first entries to the Night Gallery. (Click on the thumbnails above to see larger versions. They’re EVEN BETTER than the small versions) These illustrations were done by my daughter several years ago on a rainy afternoon. Her artistic impulses needed just a little prodding so I suggested that she draw pictures of my Aurora monster models. Without so much as a second thought she sketched wonderful renditions of a human skeleton, Frankenstein’s monster, the Creature from the Black lagoon and many, many others. (She also sketched a “portrait” of her brother that consisted of a Playstation and a set of controllers.)

Where ever does she get her wit and talent?

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