Other Haunts – “Monster by Mail”

The Grim Gnome done by Monsters by MailI squealed like a mouse in a fan belt when I stumbled across “Monster by Mail.com” For a very reasonable fee, Len Peralta will draw a 4″ x 5″ color portrait of a made-up movie monster of your choosing. And for $10 more, he’ll send you a time-lapse movie of its creation. I couldn’t resist so I sent in a few bucks to see his interpretation of what I, the Grim Gnome, look like. I think he really captured the demonic glint in my eye and the gnarled twist in my grin. You can almost SMELL my bad breath. Though he’s got me decked out in obviously new clothes, obviously new due to the relative lack of bloodstains on them.

Here’s the movie of Len’s deft pens.  It’s like watching a quick sketch artist who’s set up shop near the red carpet of a B-movie festival.

And even if you don’t want to see the demon of your dreams immortalized in art, check out the Monsters by Mail site, (or Len’s Flickr site) where there are DOZENS of great creatures.

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