Nightmare #83 The Sick Scavenger Hunt and The Fall-Apart Car

I was doing this scavenger hunt with a couple friends, though the clues seemed particularly demented and sick. The whole plot of the scavenger hunt was that we were looking for a child that had been kidnapped by a serial killer which even inside the dream seemed a little tasteless as a premise for a scavenger hunt. There were ransom notes written in crayon in a child’s hand that we had to decipher, etc.

There were three of us on our team. We each drove our own cars for some reason which seemed stupid to me because that just meant we could get lost. My car was the strangest thing but in the dream, it was normal. The car came in two parts, the front half had the motor and the steering wheel and foot pedals, and the back half started with the front seat. The way it worked was that the driver would get in, lift his feet and grab the steering wheel and pull until the two halves clicked together. We were in a hurry, I guess, because when I tried to fasten my car together, it didn’t quite click. There was a wide gap between the sections. When I got on the expressway, snow started to blow inside the car, mounds of snow that drifted up on the dashboard making it difficult to see. I turned on the heater to melt it which helped a little. Then I realized that the car really was not fastened together at all, that if I let go of the steering wheel the motored part would shoot off down the road out of control and the passenger section would smash into the car behind me. I drove along trying to keep up with the others because I was in an unfamiliar town but eventually I got lost and had to maneuver the car into a parking structure.

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