Nightmare #132 – A Chase to a Strange, Terrible World

(Male, 20’s) I had a partner, a woman with medium length blond hair, and we were running after a man. We were in a long corridor and every so often, there was a set of doors. We’d run through them and we’d see him just going through the next set. We kept running and chasing him. Finally, we saw him going through a set of doors that opened into bright daylight so we knew he was going outside. When we went through those doors we were on the roof top of a building and we could see the man over by a smokestack. He was climbing up a ladder on the side of the smoke stack and when he reached the top, he pushed aside a lid that was on the smokestack and he climbed inside. We followed.

Inside the smokestack was a vine. We started climbing down the vine, still in pursuit of the man. We climbed for what felt was like hours, even though I know it must have just been a couple minutes. It was a dry brown vine and eventually we reached the end of it. There was a little gap and then another vine started. We though we could easily jump from one vine to the other one but we didn’t know that gravity changed between the two vines. What was “up” became “down” so halfway through our jump, we were jumping “up.” But we were able to grab the other vine and continue the chase UP a vine. Again we climbed for hours and at the end of the smokestack, we pushed aside the lid and found ourselves in a very dense jungle.

Then something else must have happened but the next part I remember, I was in the dense jungle and the man I was chasing was yelling at me, saying “Come on. Come on! We’ve got what we came for.” A dark and scary looking cloud was bearing down on us. And I was holding the decapitated head of my female partner, tucked under my arm like a football. I had no idea what had happened but the man was very insistent. We started climbing down the smokestack again back to the normal world. Once we had gone a little way, once I was sure that the cloud wasn’t following us, I said “We’ve got to go back.” The man took the head I was holding and pushed back the hair to reveal the scalp. There were eight things there, though I can only remember one. There were some Mardi Gras beads woven in between the tufts of hair. “See, we’ve got what we came for.” We continued climbing, climbing back to our world.

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One Response to Nightmare #132 – A Chase to a Strange, Terrible World

  1. Elsa L says:

    This dream appears to be heavily influenced by video games: the running with a partner, chasing someone down corridors, the smokestakes and vines. There’s a very “Mario brothers” feel to it– until you get to the decapitated head being carried like a football. Yeah, you gotta wonder where that come from!

    I didn’t think of that until you mentioned it but you’re right. It’s like it came from that third Mario Brother, the “troubled” one they didn’t speak about, y’know, Mario, Luigi and… Hannibal!