Nightmare #134 – Endless Toil

(Male, 30’s) I don’t know if I can explain how disturbing this dream was, amusing too but disturbing. Maybe if you’ve ever had to evaluate a large amount of someone else’s work it might make a bit of sense. I was reading and grading a very large stack of high school English papers. This part isn’t strange because I’m a high school English teacher. I was writing a lot of comments on each paper, nearly a page handwritten for each paper. But I must have mixed up the stacks of which ones I’d finished, or maybe I put the finished papers on the bottom of the stack but for whatever reason that graded papers got mixed up with the ungraded papers. Pretty soon I found myself writing comments ABOUT MY OWN COMMENTS. I discovered that half way through the stack so I figured I should finish the whole set. But I lost track and pretty soon started commenting again on my own commented comments. Clearly this was going to keep going on for quite some time.

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