Nightmare #153 – Classroom Anxiety

(Male, 30’s) I haven’t been in a college class room in over a decade but that’s where this nightmare took place. Maybe it’s not a nightmare like the other ones on your site. Maybe it’s just an anxiety dream but I felt pretty weird when I woke up.

I accidentally opened a doorway in the office building where I work and I discovered that inside is a classroom, just like the classrooms in the college I attended. There was a table and a professor standing by the windows and there was another student sitting at the table. I say another student because as soon as I saw this situation I knew immediately that I signed up for a class with this professor and that I was now only accidentally attending it. I went inside and sat down. This professor wasn’t anybody I know but I had the sense that he was someone I particularly admired and respected, that I was feeling really lucky to be able to take this class. But as class started, I realized that not only hadn’t I read the book we were discussing, I hadn’t even bought it. I didn’t know what to do, whether to pretend i knew what was going on while this other student kept saying everything, hoping the professor just wouldn’t realize that I didn’t know what was going on. About twenty minutes into the class, twenty deeply painful minutes, this other student comes in. He is very noisy getting his materials out almost to the point of being disrespectful as I see it. He interrupts the professor and says “I may be out of line here because, heck I didn’t read the material. I haven’t even bought the book yet. But it seems like what you’re saying here is…” and then he goes on to spew out some stupid theory that has nothing to do with what’s been going on in class. I am furious at this arrogant student but then at the same time, I’m not a lot different from him. I woke up with this twisted sense of anxiety and rage. Like I said, not exactly a nightmare but surely and uncomfortable dream.

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