Nightmare #158 – Lost in the Vaults

(Male, 50’s) I had lost my wife, literally. She had gone missing in this strange building.

The building was very much like the basement of a bank where they have safe deposit boxes (at least the way they’re depicted in movies.) There were two sides to the vaults, two corridors connecting them and two elevators that went up and down between the two floors of the vaults. I was riding the elevator in one of the areas with her and all of a sudden she wasn’t beside me anymore. I was still in the elevator but she must have stepped out. I rode up and down the elevator and i could see no one outside through the elevator windows, just the lines of metal vaults. I stopped at one floor and held the door open and I called out to her but my voice echoed and reverberated down the corridor in such a way that no one would be able to tell where I was or what I was saying. I got back on the elevator and rode down. I decided that my wife was the kind of person who wouldn’t waste all this time in forethought, she’d just step off the elevator and investigate matters. In fact, that’s evidently what she’d already done.

When the elevator doors opened, I stepped out. But it was not like the vault corridors I’d seen before. I was actually in a relatively small room, maybe 10′ x 10′ and there was a very large object in the room that looked like an ice chest you’d find at a motel or hotel. It was very fancy with a powder-coat paint job of a very deep maroon, almost brown. Again, I made myself be brave and I opened the hinged door. It was thick like an insulated door. But all I could see was another hinged door, smaller than the first. I opened it. Again another door. In total, three doors. Behind the third door was a rectangular lid, much like a door but without a hinge. I had to removed this entirely. Again, another lid. In total four lids each one deeper and deeper inside this strange chest, each one harder to reach and harder to see until I wasn’t able to see at all what I was reaching into beyond that seventh portal.

Again, I forced myself to be brave, because that’s what my wife would do. I stuck my hand past that last open hole. There was a very weird substance in there. My first thought is that it was brains, very very dry brains. It was slightly sticky to the touch, rubbery and felt a bit like a very large number of rubber toys or gummy-bears had been pressed tightly together. About this time, the dream faded.

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