Nightmare #161 – No Hands Among Strangers

(Female, 40s) I was at a party at someone’s house who was supposed to be my friend. However, I’ve never actually been in the house before in my life. There was music, general revelry. I was standing in a hallway with my back to the party talking to a young man who was supposedly a friend of mine though actually, I’ve never seen him before in my life. He was much younger than me, probably in his twenties. Then a young woman came up to us. She was also very much younger than myself, again perhaps early twenties. The woman had long blond hair. The man introduced me to her and at that moment I realized that she had no hands. Her arms just stopped at the wrists, rounded over into knobs. The young woman, I could tell, didn’t like me at all. I didn’t know exactly why. Perhaps it was because I noticed that she didn’t have any hands. Perhaps for another reason. I didn’t feel comfortable at the party anymore.

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