Nightmare #163 – Shattered Computer

(Male, 40’s) This was a vivid nightmare that I had just as I was trying to wake up. My wife had already gotten up and I must have fallen back to sleep for an instant. I heard her in the other room. She had turned on the computer and was starting to play some music. Sometimes we play a little music in the morning to help us wake up. But the song that was playing was this slow depressing tune. It’s a real tune, one from the Donny Darko soundtrack but I have no idea who performs it. It was dark and slow, hardly the thing that I wanted to hear first thing in the morning, especially if it might “stick” in my ear and be the song I hear all day long. So I force myself out of bed and I find that my wife is gone, that there is no one in the room. But the computer is indeed playing this ominous song. I reach to try and turn off the computer and my hands are suddenly unable to perform the small maneuvers necessary to shut down the computer. I try to poke at the off button with my rigor mortis like fingers but all I succeed in doing is pulling the whole computer off the table, keyboard, monitor, everything. But still the music is playing. I reached down to try to unplug the monitor and I end up pulling the power cable out of the back. There are three exposed wires now that are glowing with a blue arc. For some reason I think that this is a “plasma” perhaps because I’m thinking that this is a plasma screen or something. I know that this is extremely dangerous, both in likelihood of electrocution but also in the chance of spontaneously igniting a massive fire due to its great heat. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I want to save the computer box itself because it has my files on it but I have no reason to believe that I won’t destroy the computer in the process. Just about then, I woke up from the nightmare. And the BEST part was that the stupid song stopped playing!

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