Nightmare #187 – Horror Hor D’oeurves

(Female, 40’s) A couple friends stopped by our house unannounced, and we suddenly decided to have a party and invite some more people over. Then we needed to come up with lots of snacks so I went to our freezer, which in the dream was a huge walk-in freezer, and there were all kinds of things in there, like laid-in provisions, packages of frozen meats and a whole stack of frozen waffles. But I was looking for some kind of snack food, like a frozen pizza. I thought I might have had a container of frozen shrimp or oysters — although I have no idea why I thought I’d find those in my freezer!– or barbecued spareribs, something just small and tasty.

But all I could find as snack food was a package of marinated miniature vampire monkey brains! It had a little picture of a vampire monkey on the front! It was like a brand-name package, too, not some sketchy thing. I took them out of the package and they were frozen in kind of a flat sheet. I could see all their little vampire teeth because their mouths were open. But I wanted to make sure that there was enough for every one so I cut them in half! With one good chop along the jaw line.

And then I put them in a pan on the stove and started stirring them. And in the dream I had a sense of both satisfaction because I’d found a snack for everyone as well as revulsion, like “Yuck, I don’t want to eat these things!”

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