Nightmare #188 – Bubble People

(Male, 40’s) This was pretty much a standard work dream except for the twist at the end. I was at work, though of course the building didn’t resemble the actual building where I work in the least. The dream building was a very tall structure of relatively short hallways, maybe 30 feet long. And by tall I mean absurdly tall, 30 plus stories so tall that is slightly swayed in the wind. The only way to get up and down this long tall building was to use the freight elevator that was on one end of this short hallway. It was a standard freigh elevator, extremely noisy, wide open and quite slow moving. So that was the NORMAL situation.

The NIGHTMARE part of the dream started when we had to evacuate the building quickly. I think it had something to do with zombies but at least within the part of the dream that I remember there were no actual zombies. However, there were people from the upper floors who were somehow flooding down to our floor to use the elevator, I guess. There was something wrong about them. They weren’t zombies and they weren’t even the threat we knew we were supposed to be avoiding. They were smiling broadly and dressed in normal business suits. Except they weren’t walking; they were floating down the hallway toward me. As they approached it became obvious that they weren’t human but they were actually BALLOONS, like balloon animals tied in the shape of humans. They floated with their menacing smiles. I picked up a broom and tried to keep them from touching any of my co-workers as they tried to escape onto the elevator. For some reason, I knew that if the balloon people touched you, their balloon skin would stick to you and you’d be done for. One by one, more of them would stick to you and… well, I didn’t know exactly what would happen but I knew you’d stop being human and you’d end up being like them. Lucky for me it was rather easy to keep them away with the broom because they were so light. However more and more of them kept pushing into the hallway.

I awoke feeling very anxious, uncertain whether I’d saved anyone at all.

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