Nightmare #189 – Falling

(Male, 40’s) Strange dream, almost like it was someone else’s dream or a dream that was mine when I was much younger. Or something. I woke up from it at 3:00 in the morning and had absolutely no interest in going back to sleep afterward.

We were in my Grandmother’s house which didn’t belong to my Grandmother anymore, which is probably obvious because she’s dead. But the family continued to rent the house from the Man who owned it now. He was doing all sorts of really drastic renovations on the place. Like the back room was now going to be the kitchen and he had put in this oddly shaped kitchen island in there. I was trying to convince someone that this was actually a good thing, that it would come in handy for when we entertained. But in the dream, I knew that we’d never entertain here, that we’d never invite anyone over here.

And then the Man showed us the new ceiling he was putting onto this huge addition. Honestly the addition was larger than a basketball court and easily as tall. We were walking along the drop ceiling above it. It was constructed of long metal slats that bowed under our weight as we walked with large piece of corrugated cardboard in between. There was some trick to walking up there, to making yourself not weigh your normal weight. Like positive thoughts or something would make you float or something. The other people had no problem with this but I kept having doubts about whether this whole thing would work. My foot got caught between the slats and the cardboard and my foot slipped between. My leg was dangling into the vast cavernous basketball court beneath. It was brightly lit up as if for a game. I knew it was just an instant before my whole body slipped through. My mom started moving closer to me to try to save me. She was younger, much younger, probably 40 years younger than she is now. And I was younger too, just a child. I was swooning with vertigo but I knew that if I pulled that piece of cardboard out with me, it would de-stabilize a whole area of the ceiling. I told mom to back up, to get away from me. Just then the cardboard gave out and started falling. I held onto the edges of the cardboard like a magic carpet. It just plummeted down and down. I fell much further than I could have ever imagined, much farther than the floor. I was hopeful that I would survive the fall but the trouble was I never landed. Just a constant never ending fall. I was dizzy and nauseous and afraid.

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