Nightmare #192 – Too Curious in the Museum

(Male 20’s) I was in a museum that had living exhibits as well as skeletons and stuffed models. What was weird right off was that I didn’t recognize many of the creatures. It wasn’t just that there was, say, a strangely colored bird but rather there were things that I couldn’t tell was a bird or a… well, I couldn’t tell what they were.

In one of the cages, and by cage I mean in this case a room the size of a ballroom with glass walls probably thirty feet high, there was a “Snape.” Yes, yes, laugh all you want. I realized the Harry Potter reference when I woke up too. But the creature here was maybe thirty five feet long, covered with dappled light and dark green fur — yup, FUR — and a head that looked a bit like a blunt hammer and a bit like a boot. It may have had very thin wiry black legs too but it was hard to see as it moved through the jungle undergrowth of its cage. I was extremely curious to see this creature closer so I pushed up against the glass so hard that some how I pushed my way through the glass. I was inside the cage. A great consternation arose in the crowd outside since the snape was extremely dangerous. Once it started to devour you, there was no escape from a very painful process that lasted for hours and hours. They were organizing some kind of rescue plan for me. All I had to do was stay alive and stay away from the snape until help could arrive. But I wanted to see the snape better. I could hear it circling around me. Once I got a very good view of it as it climbed along the glass wall but it ran away with great speed. I suspected that I was done for.

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