Nightmare #210 – Other World Escape

(Female, 40’s) My dreams don’t usually fit in obvious genres, but this was a total science fiction dream. I was on some other planet, which was very earth-like with plants and streets and buildings and neighborhoods, along with a whole community of people, but some of us were ready to return home to earth. A transport ship was due to dock so I was preparing to leave the planet.

“…the ships that arrived were filled with these alien creatures who wanted to kill us…”

Only the ships that arrived were filled with these alien creatures who wanted to kill us. I was waiting in the docking station, and when the aliens opened the doors and started looking around, I had to hide quickly. They were like large, brown floating worms, with eyes like flashlights. I rolled under this baggage cart where I couldn’t be seen, and a guard who worked there and was my friend slipped a sleeping-bag-like getup to me under the cart. I could camouflage myself with this, covering my face and looking down at the ground. In order to fool the aliens though, I had to keep looking down so I never got a good look at them.

I got out of that tight situation somehow, and then a group of us plotted together to slip by the aliens. The plan then was to load two of the ships with supplies and humans to go back to earth, but we couldn’t let the aliens know this was happening. They were malicious, but not very smart, I guess. I worked with other escapes to load the ships and then we had to stay in hiding until it was time to depart. The aliens were guarding the ships and searching for us.

Somehow there was a mix-up with the departure time. Maybe we overslept– I’m not certain. I just remember the extreme disappointment of discovering that the ship had left without me. It was morning, sunny and bright, and I was walking down the hilly street with a group of friends– just going to make sure that we had indeed missed getting on the ship. We walked past a friend’s ceramic studio and admired the piece she’d made in honor of my marriage as well as this ceramic installment that looked the a dozen silver-glazed paper airplanes that were mounted individually on a wall. We could see the empty docking station as we walked to the center of town. At least we were safe from the murderous aliens for the time being. I had been happy in this place for a while but now I ached with homesickness.

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