Nightmare #239 – The Electric Alien

“…what it really wanted was to reach into my body and harvest my organs…”

(Male, 30’s) It was night time and I was walking in the country looking at the stars when a particularly bright “star” fell from the sky and starting coming right at me. Clearly it was a meteor but it seemed to slow down as it approached the earth until it landed rather gracefully a few yards away from me. It wasn’t a meteor after all but a space alien.

The alien reminded me a lot of a monster from Scooby-Doo, a show I loved when I was a kid. The cartoon monster only appeared on the opening credits, at least I never saw an episode with it, and it was a laughing skull in a glowing space suit. The alien in my dream was similar but a little different. The nightmare monster was just a skeleton but it was glowing with a force field of electricity. The only thing it wore – and I know this sounds silly – was a pair of really thick rubber boots. In the context of the nightmare, the boots made sense because he was animated by electricity and the boots kept the juice from draining away into the ground.

“…what it really wanted was to reach into my body and harvest my organs…”

The monster reached out its arm like it wanted to shake hands. But for some reason I knew that what it really wanted was to reach into my body and harvest my organs. So before I really knew what I was doing, I grabbed its wrist. I discovered that all of its joints were extremely rigid almost like it had been wired together. I also discovered that the monster was extremely light – he was only a skeleton after all. So just holding onto his arm, I lifted him over my head. His electrical energy started to discharge through me. It didn’t hurt. It just tingled. I think I might have even giggled a bit. I gave the monster a good shake to make sure every last drop of the “juice” had drained out, like electricity was a liquid, I guess. At that moment, the skeleton started to fall apart, I suppose since there was nothing holding it together any more. The bones tumbled over me without doing much damage. That is, until the monsters skull fell. It crashed into my hip and smashed it. I was in tremendous pain and even more I couldn’t stand up any more. I started to fall to the ground and at that moment, I woke up.

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