Nightmare #241 – Crazy Driver

…the other car veers into my lane…

(Female, 20’s) I was driving down a road near my house. It’s a peaceful little two-lane road that goes through the country, nice and picturesque. I see a car coming toward me and as it gets closer, the other car veers into my lane until it’s heading right at me. So I move over into the other lane, thinking that it’ll just pass me by.

“…it runs into my car and pushes me off the road…”

But when the other car gets next to me, it runs into my car and pushes me off the road. I drive into the ditch. Only in the nightmare, the ditch turned into a steep cliff. I was balancing just over the edge but I had stopped the car and everything was going to be OK. But then this other car runs into me again and bumps me off the cliff.

I was scared during the dream but when I woke up I was angry.

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