Nightmare #243 – The Neighborhood of Cages

“…The street was a maze of barbed wire….”

(Male, 40’s) I fell asleep reading Baudelaire the night I had this nightmare so I suppose it’s my own fault.

I was walking in an open air marketplace and I came across some old friends that I didn’t particularly want to see. There was chit-chat, pointless banter and in the midst of the sill conversation, I was able to sneak away. I walked down a hill, hoping to cut through a neighborhood on my way to a supermarket.

“…I must have made a wrong turn…”

I knew that the neighborhood wasn’t the safest place to be even during the day, but I planned to walk with a determined step and not to make eye contact with anyone. What I didn’t expect was that the whole place was under construction, the entire neighborhood. All of the houses had been completely gutted and wrapped with barbed wired fencing, perhaps to prevent looting? As I continued along through the area, the houses didn’t even have walls anymore, just cages of sharp wire. The street was a maze of barbed wire. When I got to the point where I wanted to exit this strange place and find a real street, I discovered that the exits had also all been cordoned off with wire fencing. I tried to turn around and find my way out the way I came in but I must have made a wrong turn. The space between the corridors was no wider than a sidewalk. I remembered that I had leather gloves on so I tried to climb over the fencing but at the top I found long green wires suspended from insulators: electric wires. I couldn’t figure out a way to cross without being electrocuted. When I climbed back down to the ground, there was someone else there, a robber, a murderer. He was wrapped all in black cloth and wore a fedora with a wide brim. I couldn’t see his face. I knew my only chance was somehow to have him touch the high voltage wires, in other words, that I’d have to kill him before he killed me.

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