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Clowns, to put it mildly, are not universally loved.

As the .sig file on her professional e-mail account, a friend of mine has the phrase “Hating Clowns since 1987.” She’s been coy and evasive when I’ve tried to find out more about this statement but it’s clearly not a joke for her. I knew her experience is not unique but I thought I would be over-doing it if I devoted an entire section on the the DailyNightmare to the fear of clowns / scary clowns. Then today, I hear of this wonderful site that examines the topic specifically and in-depth.

Scary Clowns – The secret fear of clowns is finally revealed. Shocking information about evil clowns , Coulrophobia and ghosts caught on tape.

(Pardon me if I snickered when I read the phrase “Ghosts caught on tape” because I immediately thought “Ghosts Gone Wild.” I’d sure pay to see a bunch of spectral entities cavorting drunk on the beach. I mean aren’t you at least a bit curious what’s there to see if a ghost lifts its sheet to flash you?)

There is some really wonderful stuff on this page including a quotation from Fellini that everyone is either a White Clown or a Red Clown. Even without knowing precisely what he meant, doesn’t that intuition really explain a lot?

Clowns, to put it mildly, are not universally loved. One of our contributors submitted a nightmare awhile back Nightmare #118 – Clown Town about a particularly scary clown he called “Stove Pipe,” due to the tall top hat it wore. The dream was so vivid that it prompted one of our long time readers and expert artist, Mark Barrera to paint a picture of Stove Pipe. I printed up a few dozen over-sized postcards with this image on it and while they last, I’ll mail them out to anyone who submits a nightmare, phobia or strange dream. They’re really rather cool. Mark achieved a really creepy glassy dead-eye and a bizarre skin tone that’s either grease paint wearing thin or an extremely pale flesh tone turning pink at the edges. Life-size it’s quite un-nerving.

As always, share your nightmares and strange dream, phobias and odd aversions with grimgnome (at) dailynightmare (dot) com If you would, please include your gender and your age rounded to the nearest decade. And if you want one of these spiffy over-sized postcards of Stovepipe, include a mailing address.

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