Nightmare #252 – Drowned, Shot or Forever a Fish

“…It wasn’t really alive, not really a creature on its own…”

(Male) I was involved in a very strange science experiment. A very large metal tank with thick rivets and a small viewing portal was designed to hold a room full of water. The researcher was going to try to drown me in this tank but I was his assistant. He told me to fill the tank. I tested the water so it wasn’t too cold, so it felt like a bath but I turned on the tap full blast. The torrent made enough noise that I was able to escape unnoticed.

I scooped up our prized research project as I left – a small goldfish, except it wasn’t gold, it was pale and entirely featureless, no eyes, no scales. It wasn’t really alive, not really a creature on its own.

I ran outside to the shoreline. The researcher and his henchman had followed me and were shooting at me. I knew that if I swallowed the fish, I’d be able to dive into the ocean. I’d be able to swim so fast and so deep that I’d be able to avoid their bullets. But the only water to help me swallow was the salt water of the ocean and if I drank salt water I would be forever thirsty for saltwater. I would never feel at home anywhere else other than under the ocean.

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