Nightmare #259 – Obstacle Ghosts

“…That’s when I noticed the ghosts, particularly strange ghosts…”

(Male) Someone else sent in a “positive” nightmare and once I thought about it, I think that’s what this one is too, even though I was scared in the middle of it.

I was working to assemble materials for a theatre piece. We needed a mirror, a large plate glass mirror. A woman who was in the dream with me mentioned that there was all sorts of things upstairs in the attic. This woman was somehow my partner, not exactly my wife, maybe just the co-producer of the play. She said the attic was incredibly dangerous and there was no way she’d go up there. I convinced her to accompany me, that we could climb the stairs, grab the mirror and get back downstairs before anything “bad” happened.

The stairs themselves were remarkable. Long, winding stairs, very dramatic but also rather austere. Sort of like a 1930’s era movie palace. We quickly climbed the stairs and opened a set of glass doors into a room that looked at first glance like a department store. It was filled with dusty bits of furniture and props and a whole rack of extravagant clothes and large flat pieces of wood that were brightly colored. It was, of course, the room where all the old costumes and set pieces were stored from previous productions.

I kept on task. I quickly found not one but three mirrors. I took all three. One of them would be perfect.

My partner, however had gotten distracted by the rack of costumes. She nearly was in a trance, uncommunicative, as she looked through the clothing piece by piece. That’s when I noticed the ghosts, particularly strange kind of ghosts. They were grey and flat and they swam through the air even though they pretty clearly had some sort of physical presence. The ghosts were giving out a low moan. I don’t know if I was getting a clear vibe of “evil” or “danger” off the ghosts but I also knew I really didn’t want them getting between me and the exit. My partner was not responding to me and she was totally oblivious to the ghosts, even though she was the one who was afraid of going up here in the first place. There was no hope of physically dragging my partner and she wasn’t waking up.

The ghosts continued to come out of the woodwork, so to speak. They swarmed around us and they almost seemed to knot themselves together to keep us from leaving. So that’s when I woke up, trapped and in some kind of danger.

The reason why I think this is positive is that I found what I was looking for, in fact, three – a perfect number of them. Mirrors are the kind of thing that reflect identity back on the viewer and my partner, who I think was supposed to be me as well, was probably looking for a costume. This part might not make sense to someone who hasn’t been onstage but if you can find the right costume, you’ve gone a long way to creating a character, to discovering and portraying its identity. This explanation could all be new-agey nonsense but the dream was definitely scary while I was having it.

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