Nightmare #260 – Zombie Kill DIY

“…they hurried after me and got in too before the doors closed…”

(Female) My boyfriend and I finally got around to watching Zombieland the other night and then I had this nightmare. The dream, at least the first part, was such a blatant rip-off of the movie that the directors should get royalties. The later part of the dream was out of my own imagination however.

I was part of a small group of survivors who were running around, trying to avoid zombies or fight them when necessary to stay alive– just like the movie.

Then we met a group of very wealthy survivors who spoke with British accents and who were living in luxury in a tall apartment building in the middle of the city. They had guards all around their building so they were safe, and they took us in. We stayed with them for a while and foraged around in the nearby shops for food and whatever else we needed. We were safe, it seemed.

After an outing, I was coming into the building through the front door. There were guards at the door and zombies outside. The guards were distracted for a moment, and two zombies slipped through the doors behind me. The guards didn’t realize these zombies were inside the building. I made a dash for the elevator, thinking I could outrun them. I made it inside the elevator, but they hurried after me and got in too before the doors closed. “You aren’t supposed to be in here,” I said. “The guards will shoot you.” “No one’s stopping us,” they sneered back at me. I knew I was going to have to kill them myself. Supposedly they died when their necks were broken, but I couldn’t break two zombie necks at the same time.
Instead, I reached out and grabbed them both by the neck, like at the voicebox. I sunk my fingers in and grabbed tight, and I twisted hard and tore— I tore out a huge bloody chunk out of each of their necks. The zombies looked surprised as they crumpled at my feet and the elevator doors closed. I rode up to the penthouse, feeling elated and proud of myself.

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