Nightmare #262 – Execution of the Empress

“…A death threat had been made on the Empress’ life and these three gentlemen had gone grave ends to protect her…”

(Male) Bizarre dream. It started at something like an amusement park somewhere in Asia. Or perhaps this was an amusement park primarily for Asians because there were things set aside for different nationalities. Like there was a remarkable stone washroom that was reserved for Japanese people. There were grand staircases and wide streets with colorful parades and architecture and markets and music… all happening at the same time. It wasn’t a childish amusement park but more like a World’s Fair kind of event, everything very classy.

At some point I got in a bus along with what turned out to be a royal contingent from… yes, I know this is impossible… but it was the Empress of China. She was at the park with a selection of her retinue. Three men who accompanied her were particularly worried, almost comically fretting. A death threat had been made on the Empress’ life and these three gentlemen had gone to grave ends to protect her.

In the midst of this crowded bus, they unrolled a ragged piece of thick leather. It was the skin of a human who had been flayed alive. It was very rare, very expensive. The leather had some particular magical power but only if it was used correctly. A perfect circle needed to be cut and then draped over the Empress’ head. She would become impervious to all attacks. But certain things remained unclear. For instance, would the Empress need to continue to wear the leather circle to be safe or was it only a step in a process. The three (wise?) men argued with each other, about how to cut it, about who should do it, about what needed to be done.

Just then the front window of the bus shatters. All attention turns to the front until the Empress slumps to the ground, a tiny bullet hole in the center of her pale beautiful forehead. An expert marksman had shot her from the bus in front. I looked at her face as she died, like a perfect porcelain mask, so peaceful.

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