Nightmare #264 – Awful Gray Buildings

“…The effect was absolutely sinister. With every step my good mood dissipated…”

(Male) I was in a big city surrounded by life and excitement. I was supposed to meet a friend who lived there and we were going out on the town. I was to meet him at his office.

I found the place, a plaza surrounded by towering buildings. Taken together, it was breathtaking, a serious piece of architecture. But it was also soul sucking, disorienting, calculated to be disturbing. The shapes were rectilinear but with no right angles, layered on top of each other in an expressionist trompe l’oeuil where normal perspective was deliberately confounded. The plaze ground as well was a textured grey stone similar to the walls of the buildings. There were small squares of glass embedded into the ground that looked identical to the windows in the buildings. It felt a little like I was walking up the wall.

The effect was absolutely sinister. With every step my good mood dissipated. I began to think of my parents, both dead, all my aunts and uncles, dead as well. No siblings. No cousins. I was alone in this cold dark world, a world that made no sense.

My eyes began to water. I choked back tears.

I forced myself onward, sure that things would improve if I could meet my friend who worked in one of the monstrous buildings. However there was a security check point at the door. I was crushed, emotionally, existentially. I had to get out of the plaza but I knew the guards would be suspicious of me if I tried to approach in my present condition. I woke up.

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