Nightmare #269 – Gunman at the Anonymous Party

“…The party was getting loud and out of hand… Then I heard a gunshot…”

(Male, Middle-aged) I was chaperone at a party that my teen a daughter was having. Though I didn’t recognize *any* of the kids and I’m pretty sure that even my own daughter wasn’t there. I asked one of the other adults, again someone I’d never seen before in my life, and she explained that this was a “franchise” party. The agreement is that I’d chaperone one of these parties and that would give my daughter the right to go to anyone’s party in the whole franchise system. Some kind of bizarre co-op or something.

The party was getting loud and out of hand, as I bet you could expect since this was a nightmare. Then I heard a gunshot outside. None of the other adults move but I know that the party has spilled out onto the front lawn, perhaps a bit farther so I’m concern. When I get out there I find an irate neighbor who is complaining about the noise. He is the one who has the gun and who has fired it to get some attention. He was dressed like a simple farmer but his face was straight out of a horror show. It was bandaged up with that blue painter’s tape, wrapped around and around. He obviously had sustained some serious facial trauma recently because his eyeballs literally were dangling out of the sockets, despite the best attempts of the tape to hold them back in.

I stared directly at him, looked him right in the dangling eye so to speak. I asked what was the problem and as he was babbling on I slowly advanced on him, step after step. I never looked down at the gun. I kept focused on him. He kept babbling until the barrel of the gun was pointed right up against my body. I kept staring him in his disfigured face and tried to grab the gun but before I could reach it, I woke up.

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