Nightmare #274 – Workplace Horror

“… I tried to speak but my mouth was filled with dead tongue…”

(Male) This dream was a bizarre collection of horrors and irritations most having to do with my job.

The most disturbing part, at least at first was that my tongue had been cut off, but it was still in my mouth. I was unable to speak and I was nearly choking on this mouthful of blood and tongue. I don’t know what happened but I think I might have actually bitten my own tongue.

The next thing was comic in contrast. I tried to use the networked printer that was nearest to me in the office but all that came out were full page color illustrations of movie monsters. They were kind of impressive if I have to admit it but the printer was stuck somehow and by the time it stopped printing, there must have been 500 sheets of these monsters. This was also a problem because there’s been a crack down at work recently about color printing because it’s so expensive. I hid the pages under my chair so I wouldn’t get caught because I didn’t really want to throw them away.

I was surprised by a co-worker who asked very pointedly what I was up to. She has always behaved as if she were a manager more than a peer – and I’ve never really paid attention to her which pisses her off. But in the nightmare, she had the aura that she really was the boss. She said, “You might want to read the sign I posted above the time clock.” First thing is, we don’t have a time clock so she must have instituted a policy of clocking in. I tried to speak but my mouth was filled with dead tongue. It was clear that she was somehow the manager now and that I was screwed.

I started looking around for the guy who used to be the manager but he wasn’t in the office. He wasn’t anywhere. I had to get out of there so I left and went to find a friend of mine who is a preacher, except in this dream he was a professor at this strange college. I sat in on one of his lectures and frankly, he was crazy. He kept asking the students absurd questions and then getting angry when they didn’t know how to respond. Then after the lecture, I tried to talk to him but he disappeared. I started trying to leave the lecture hall which was, I guess in the religious studies wing because I was met by a massive crowd of people going the other way. I found it hard not to get swept along back into the lecture hall. Each member of the crowd was wearing religious garb, but really well-cut and fashionable and made from expensive fabric. By this point, the shirt I was wearing had been torn off so I felt particularly strange.

I fought the current as best as I could and I made it as far as an odd little food court. By this time, I was very hungry. I was sick of holding a mouthful of blood too so I just spat it out and resigned myself to never speaking. I couldn’t identify any of the foods but they smelled so good. However all of them seemed very expensive. When I went to order, I didn’t have my wallet.

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