Nightmare #278 – Murdered Friends

“…The videotape was the true nightmare…”

(Male, 20’s) Yes, this one was truly a nightmare. I was at someone’s graduation party and a girl was crying. She had just heard a friend of hers had been killed. She said the name and I realized I knew him too. I felt so devastated. He’d been murdered and she was tracking down his killer. In fact, the killer was here at this party.

We took off running, chasing the murderer throughout this gorgeous, movie-star house. There were stone steps and a running waterfall. I figured I’d have to knock him out but all I had were two small rubber toys that had been party favors. We sprinted up a flight of stairs and I got close enough to hit him. He kept running.

Then we reached the top of the stairs and the murderer took a lamp from a book shelf and it immediately lit. A strange smell wafted out from the lamp and the murderer said “Goodnight and good bye.” I collapsed immediately.

When I awoke it felt like only seconds but the murderer was gone. The girl was there too. The murderer had left a videotape and a TV all set up for us to watch something. I wasn’t sure if we should, that maybe he was still nearby and that maybe we should go get him.

The video tape was the true night mare.

It was black and white. The murderer was wearing “raccoon” style makeup, where the whole socket of his eyes had been blacked out. He had short spiky blond hair.and a bowler hat like a silent movie. The video was him playing with the murdered body. He dragged it along the floor and this black fluid leaked out of it. Blood, I presume. Then in another shot, both the girl and myself were sitting in chairs, totally unconscious but arranged so that we were “watching” what was going on. It was highly disturbing. He’d made us accomplices to the murder of our friend.

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