Nightmare #281 – Wolves and Dogs

“…Sleeping underneath the tarp were 2 wolves…”

(Female, 40’s) Somewhere at the edge of waking up, I had this quick, weird dream.

A friend and I were out in the garden in my backyard. With us was my German Shepherd dog, although I don’t really have a dog at all, who was sniffing and scratching, doing what dogs do. My friend and I were working in the garden, weeding and talking. There was a tarp over some sawhorses and boards that we pulled back.

Sleeping underneath the tarp were 2 wolves!

The wolves woke up startled. They looked around defensively, crouching and twisting. Then they sprang up and started running around the yard, just tearing around really fast in circles. At some point, my German Shepherd joined them, running and chasing and snapping and barking. My friend and I just stood and watched.

After a few minutes of this craziness, the animals all laid down in a group, panting. They all looked exactly alike now. I couldn’t tell which one was my dog.

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