This Just In – Repuglicans-Luridly Lovely Portraits of Politicos

Subtle political commentary, it’s not.

But registering at least 7 on the grin-o-meter is this book of famous Neo-cons done in the style of 70’s era monster trading cards. “Repuglicans” recalls the days of Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages and Famous Monsters of Filmland.

And I should probably be happy with that whiff of nostalgia but I’m left wishing for something a bit more.

The subjects chosen are ripe for lampoon, IMHO. They range from morons to traitors who are actively working to undermine American democracy. But “monsters” … maybe.

The pictures are funny as far as they go but I would have gotten a bigger kick if the portrait actually depicted some specific critique. I mean, it’s amusing to imagine Glen Beck as a zombie but can you really imagine him yearning for brains? (insert sound of rimshot) As is, the satire doesn’t really rise above the level of name-calling, which in my curmudgeonly opinion is a largely the problem with American public discourse these days.

But did I mention, this book is fun collection of political humor?

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2 Responses to This Just In – Repuglicans-Luridly Lovely Portraits of Politicos

  1. pete von sholly says:

    Ah, you have to read the text to get the rest of the stuff you want- but it’s there in spades due to my collaborator, Steve Tatham. The biggest mistake people make is just thinking this is a picture book- and I made the pictures! Check it out!

  2. Grim Gnome says:

    Ouch! My apologies. I just saw a link to the book on another site and thought it was too cool to pass up even if it WAS just a picture book. I PROMISE I’ll pick up a copy next time I’m at Borders. Just the cover alone gave me a hankering for that fun old style art. I recall *very carefully* sticking my entire collection of Wacky Package stickers in order on the inside of my bedroom door. I left spaces in case I ever got the “rare” ones. It was my pride and joy… ’til I hit puberty.