NIghtmare #283 – Old Style Monsters

“…We came across an old church yard with a tall iron work fence and we thought we’d be safe there…”

(Male, 40’s) This nightmare really felt like I was in one of those old black and white monster movies, except things were all jumbled up.

It was night time and, of course like any old movie, there was lots of lightning. In fact the bright flashes of lightning were about the only light there was. The shadows were thick and really inky black. I was with a friend – no one I actually know in real life but someone I identified as a friend in the dream – and we were running. I didn’t have a very clear idea what we were running away from but we didn’t seem to be in extremely great danger, or at least we weren’t panicking.

We came across an old church yard with a tall iron work fence and we thought we’d be safe there. My friend had started to get confused the last few hundred feet. He was looking behind him, very unsure of which direction he was going. I didn’t exactly abandon him but I knew where I was headed and I continued on. I ran down this flight of stone stairs to reach the gate into the churchyard. My friend appeared at the top of the stairs and it became clear that he had started transforming into a monster. He dove at me down the stairs. I made the sign of the cross with my two index fingers – again, just like in monster movies – and somehow when this hand sign touched him, it sizzled. His clothing burned away into curls of smoke. How? It’s not like his clothing was a monster.

I escaped and got into the churchyard and locked the iron gate behind me. Next thing I know I’m running across the old slate roof of the church. My friend is just starting to chase me but he doesn’t have the whole idea down yet. He doesn’t seem to get the idea that he’s supposed to catch me – again, like those old movies where the monster doesn’t really seem to have a clear motive to be attacking the humans.

But the weirdest thing was when I got a good look at the monster. He was a Frankenstein’s monster type creature. I woke up really confused about that. He had changed into a monster, so I expected a werewolf or vampire. But you don’t really change into being Frankenstein’s monster, do you?

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