This Just In – Not Just Another Zombie Cake

“…A particularly rich signifier here, right?…”

Classic cultural reference is updated / resurrected via trendy zombification and turned into another consumable (i.e. image on a t-shirt) then transformed into an actual comestible (i.e. a cake) Makes me curious what the next step in this process will be, I mean, other than this very blog post commenting on the cake.

The back story is pretty fun. The cool t-shirt company Threadless has a big fan in Chris Cardinal who runs a FAN site ( In 2009, apparently he and Threadless instituted an annual contest where contestants made their favorite Threadless designs into CAKES, a brilliant tie-in with the nouveau-patisser-rage that seems to be sweeping the States. All of which is undeniably cool but probably not too relevant to nightmares and fear…

…Until you happen upon this entry.

Zombies say: BRAINS!
People say: CAKES!

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