Nightmare #285 – Devouring, Choking

“…I changed into a wolf demon as well…”

(Male) It was night and I was leaning against a tree with my arms around a darkhaired girl. The moon was out. I didn’t know who the girl was. We were on a hill overlooking a small city. A few lights twinkled below us.

The girl and I began to walk hand in hand down a white gravel path leading down. The trees made alternating patterns of shadow and moonlight on the path.

I felt something was wrong. I looked at the girl for the first time. She was beautiful, but something was wrong. She began to change into a wolf demon thing. I knew that I had a choice.

I could fight back and possibly lose, or, I could become like her and win. Without feeling I had made a choice I changed into a wolf demon as well, only larger and stronger. I attacked and began tearing her flesh off and eating it as she lay dying. I looked into her eyes and she was laughing.

I knew then that she had achieved what she’d wanted all along. She wanted to be inside me. And now she was.

I woke up choking and coughing denying what I’d done. But it was too late to change the dream. I was awake.

The whole choking thing has never happened to me before or since. I admit, it was somewhat disturbing. I know that dreams can sometimes be more than just a dream. I still hope that this one was not.

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