Nightmare #289: Old Zombies

(Male, 30’s) This wasn’t a nightmare like it was scary, just really really depressing.

It was long after the zombie apocalypse. Maybe 20 years. Humans had survived but so had zombies. We just couldn’t come up with a way to totally wipe them out. So I was walking down the street and I had to be careful to avoid the half dozen zombies that were just shuffling around. They weren’t really a threat. They felt like homeless people – a little smelly, shabbily dressed… well, homeless people with rotting faces, I guess.

But what was really depressing is that there was a general sense among the surviving humans that it was just a matter of time until we’d die out too. I know this is my rational wide-awake mind trying to make sense of things but maybe there weren’t enough people left of the right age to re-populate the planet. At least, we all were wandering around, bored and hungry, not really that much different than the zombies.

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