Nightmare #329: As black and shiny as oil

I was in my childhood home, which my parents actually sold years ago, but in my dream they still lived there. I had gone downstairs to the big freezer in the basement to get something for my mom. To get to the freezer, we went downstairs and then basically circled through the rooms back to opposite wall — so through the open space, then the laundry room, then past cupboards and shelves to the freezer.

Next to the freezer was a little room under the stairs that we called the tool shed. It was a small room, lit by a bare bulb, where my dad kept nails, screws, and tools– stuff like that. It had a low ceiling and a wide door.

As I came around the corner, I saw a movement inside the tool shed– about head high. I swore it looked like a pair of legs sliding into the wall. But that made no sense. So I walked over to the freezer and started looking around inside it.

And again, I saw a movement about head-high in the tool shed, so I turned to look.

I saw a black creature whose head and shoulders poked out of a previously unnoticed tiny door about 5 feet off the floor. It wasn’t a person at all, but a slightly humanoid shiny dark black being with huge glowing eyes who somewhat hostilely returned my gaze.

I realized that the creature was living under my parents stairs. Who knows how long it had been there. I had no idea what to do next.

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