Cool Stuff: SpeedCult Detroit Metal Goods

MetalSkullBonesEyegor, Elsa and I strolled the ever-amusing Rustbelt Artists Market in fashionable Ferndale yesterday and I stumbled upon SpeedCult Detroit. Where have they been all my life? I remarked to the statuesque Betty Page behind the counter that it’s like a candy story for grownups, or at least grown up guys who are fond of wrenches, machine oil and speed. The stall presented a bewildering variety of precision cut steel, sporting logos for bands and instruments, tikis and zombies, devil-girls and man-caves and of course, hot-rods and stock cars. I particularly liked the firepit ringed as it was with pitch-fork cuties and stylized flames but I walked away with a Skull and Bones and a Beware notice for the toolshed. The photos don’t give adequte sense of scale but these chunks of awesome are about a foot across. The raw metal pieces run $10 a pound but other pieces are polished and powder coated in lusciously lurid colors. If we hadn’t been heading over to One-Eyed Betty’s to eat, I would have weighed myself down with a wrench rack. I suspect I’ll be purchasing many more items now I know my heart’s desires exist in 1/8 inch steel.

SpeedCult is at the RustBelt every weekend but also ship their goodies from their webstore. If you hit their website, check out the NatGeo video about SpeedCult “amusement park.” They seem like fun folks!


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