Theatre Bizarre Tickets!

Today, Elsa and I scored a pair of tickets to Theatre Bizarre, the creepiest spectacle in the Motor City. This year’s theme is The Procession, and fittingly, the line was long but briskly moving in front of the Rust Belt Artist Market in Ferndale. While we waited, we traded costume ideas with other folks in line. Spoiler Alert: expect some crazy get-ups and wild shenanigans.
Once inside, the Theatre Bizarre had fully inhabited the new-ish central court area and had dolled the place up good with their hand-painted carnie signs and bits of weird. The first 200 tickets sold today and tomorrow are $55 then prices shoot up to the very reasonable $65. Readers of the are HIGHLY ADVISED to procure tickets at any price since the experience is the epitome of classy, creepy Midwest fun.

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