Creepy Art at the Ugly Mug, Ypsi and Three Corpse Circus

Gracing the lobby of the Michigan Theatre at last night’s Three Corpse Circus was a collection of creepy art. The photos here don’t do it justice but if you missed it at the screening, the work will be up all month at The Ugly Mug, a killer coffee shop in Ypsilanti. In interests of full disclosure, DailyNighmare contributing editor “EYE-gor” had two pieces in the show, two of his distressed stencils on coffin-shaped board. He keeps promising to write up an article on his techniques…


Don’t let EYE-gor know but my personal favorite was “Minion” by Lavina Handchiuc (dig her shop on Etsy) which was a ceramic full-head bust that was both subtle and disturbing. The exhibit was curated and hung by Kayj Michelle who also deserves a shout-out for the imaginative and practical display.


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