21st Annual Marshall City Rec Haunted Trail

Dance of Death Logo

Of all the holiday seasons, the Doktor and I enjoy Halloween best of all. We have our traditions — Nosferatu at the Michigan Theater, decorations and frightening foods, the masques and costumes, the surprises and treats — and we’ve made room in our schedule for a new-for-us annual event, the Haunted Trail of Marshall, Michigan.

We’ll be at this year’s event, The Dance of Death, too. Opening last weekend, the final nights of the Haunted Trail are October 25 and 26 from 7:30pm until 11:00pm. The walk takes place outdoors along Marshall’s Riverwalk; attendees should park at Haunted Trail Entrance, 900 S Marshall (behind the power plant), Marshall, MI. The cost is $7.00. The Haunted Trail is not appropriate for young children; kids under 12 must be accompanied by parent.

Unlike the haunted houses that spring up this time of year, the Haunted Trail is a scripted theater event, with a plot, actors and a puzzle for attendees to learn about and figure out. Like last year’s Haunted Trail, I expect the Dance of Death to be an interactive story that will amuse, delight, and perhaps scare just a bit. I won’t mind at all; I’ll have the Doktor to hold my hand.

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