Video: Your Brain (without drugs)
Ladies, Gentlemen, a brain. Stuff like this just fills me with wonder and delight, as is fitting for the son of a science teacher who kept stuff to dissect in the basement freezer. Come to find out that many medical students only encounter brains that have been fixed by formalin, a preservative, which changes their texture to that of a rubber ball. Brains in the wild, so to speak, are squishy… and really REALLY cool!

I post this video also as realistic references for those making brain-shaped jello molds, y’know what with the holidays coming and all.

Looking at this exposed brain, reminds me also of the sensation I had when I first looked in a mirror reflected in another mirror and saw precisely how large my bald spot was. It felt like I was peering into a hole in my skull, one that obscenely revealed a truth about me as naked and vulnerable as my corpus callosum.

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