Katabasis Kickstarter Project: Dark and Funded

KATABASIS Tarot by menton3

KATABASIS Tarot by menton3

Katabasis is a hard cover art book based on a solo art show by Menton J. Matthews III at the Last Rites Gallery in New York in April, 2014.

And it’s also a successfully funded Kickstarter project.

We’re pleased to see a well-planned, well-structured Kickstarter project find supporters and satisfaction. What did we appreciate about this Kickstarter?

* A neat project
From the video clips and the art works posted, we can tell this is going to be a great-looking, nicely produced book.

* Groovy rewards
This Kickstarter offers a range of support prizes, from the book being produced by the project, to striking T-shirts, to oil painted commissions and pre-bought pieces from the gallery show.

* Clear plan
As proponents of the enticing new micro-funding venture that is Kickstarter, we get excited about people whose projects are both smart and well-organized. Menton3 and associates clearly have the skills and knowledge to bring this project to reality. We need artists and makers putting out their products and showing the way for others to do the same.

Let’s hope we see more works in the Dark Art making their way into the public eye.

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