Skull Mask from Feral Works

Papa’s got a brand new skull… mask. This weekend at Penguicon 2014, I was wowed by many creative folks hawking their wares but the one piece I knew I had to bring home was a mask from Feral Works. I would have LOVED the three-eyed crow mask with its subtle detailing of each feather, not to mention the taxidermy eyes. But I figured it would be more practical to get the skull mask. I chose the raw white resin version but it was also available cast in black and glow-in-the-dark varieties, as well as pre-painted copper. Practical? The Doktor’s mind is always scheming. My plan is to doll it up like a sugar skull in preparation for the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writer‘s annual Hallowe’en party. (Ain’t no Hallowe’en party like a horror writer’s Hallowe’en party, BTW) This year, it’s scheduled for November 1st which opens up a wonderful world of Dias de los Muertos imagery. Right now I’m toying with painting the fangs like candy corn…

I spoke briefly with Melissa, the sculptor at Feral Works who is based in Milwaukee. She lead a seminar on resin casting at Penguicon that, alas, conflicted with a presentation I was giving. Participants learned how to cast resin by making a cool resin dragon, another of her designs. Check it out on her tumblr:

And do not lament, all ye who hunger after cool resin masks. FeralWorks has a fully stocked Etsy store with all their tasteful, well-sculpted items.

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