Book Launch: An Aberrant Mind by Ken MacGregor

It’s not every day that a local horror fiction writer and colleague launches a new short story collection– but this Saturday is such a day.

Ken MacGregor will read from this just-released book, An Aberrant Mind, and sign copies at BookBound at 1729 Plymouth Road in Ann Arbor on June 7 at 3pm.

We first encountered Ken as member of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers (GLAHW), a group of like-minded authors who share a love of horror, dark fiction, true crime and the like as well as a common goal of supporting local literacy efforts.

We also caught him in a short film which was part of the Three Corpse Circus Festival in 2013. He wrote, directed and starred in The Quirk and the Dead, a love story set in a post-apocalytic world that made us laugh, smile and cringe in quick succession.

From our perspective, Ken is an energetic, creative guy who brings flair, originality and style to whatever he does– so we expect his stories to delight, to surprise, to make us laugh or smile as well as scare us.

We’ll be there to mingle with the horror crowd and applaud the successful efforts of one of our own. Join us this Saturday at Bookbound; costumes optional.

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