MICROFEAR–Kickstarting high quality miniature horror scenes

Space is more than the final frontier; its limited quantities plague collectors of all persuasions. Where to put that new wonder? Horror collectors have one new option for their over-stuffed cabinets of wonders: Microfear miniature horror scenes currently seeking production funds via Kickstarter.


These horrific miniatures are gorgeous. They are clearly inspired by the iconic dioramas produced by Aurora with their context-setting backdrops framing the central character, but they offer both a fresh twist along with amazingly fine details.

The inaugural set is comprised of six scenes available individually as rewards for funding, in either kit form or fully painted. The whole set is also available, complete with a small cabinet with its own LED lighting. The scenes chosen aren’t the same tired scares, either. Sure, there’s a Mummy, but there’s also a Bigfoot. The scene from the Pit and Pendulum is deliciously gory, and the Nanny (which recalls a pivotal scene from The Omen) is both compact and shocking. Two other miniatures, a scary carnival and a mansion psychotically perched atop a hill, complete this first set.

These wonders aren’t simply small, they’re also highly detailed using literally state of the art technologies guided by a horror fan’s affection for the genre. Watch the video if for no other reason than to feel the love that Jason Bakutis has for horror. We at the DailyNightmare adore projects like this that transcend the first-wave gee-whiz aspect of digital manufacturing to create unique artifacts that weren’t feasible to produce with earlier technologies. Using digital design and 3-d printing (not to mention crowd-funding) coupled with lost wax casting and hand assembly, MICROFEAR employs the right technology for each step of these tiny monstrosities.

Full disclosure: I’m backing this project to the princely sum of $25 to get the Bigfoot model. My days of painting D&D miniatures are long past, so I ordered mine fully painted. I was sorely tempted by that ultra-grisly Pendulum scene. I’ve got twenty days or so before the Kickstarter campaign closes, so I very well might get that as well.

Oh and if you’re on the fence, each of these tiny terrors comes with a trading card. Dig it! This guy really knows what collectors like.

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