Weird and Wonderful Gifts: Poking Dead Things

IMG_3391One unexpected discovery at the Three Corpse Circus— unexpected for a film festival– was the hand-crafted jewelry of the Poking Dead Things shop. While I was surveying the grand lobby of the Michigan Theatre between screenings, the lovely display of bone pieces caught my attention, and I couldn’t wait for the Doktor to make his way over so I could see his reactions. He was just as impressed as I.

Gothic Victorian Lace Collar-- Photo credit Poking Dead Things

Gothic Victorian Lace Collar– Photo credit Poking Dead Things

Under the skillful craft of Ms Grimm, the owner of Poking Dead Things, animal bones are transformed into unique, beautiful, and slightly creepy mixed media, wearable art. Skulls, vertebrae, paw bones and other bones meet with pearls, gemstones, and corals in one of a kind necklaces, rings, bracelets, and broaches. There’s a slightly ooky elegance and a distinctive vibe to these pieces.

Ribs and vertebrae necklace-- Photo credit Poking Dead Things

Ribs and vertebrae necklace– Photo credit Poking Dead Things

The jewelry designs stood out in several aspects. The lacy, delicate quality of animal skeletons surprised me in some of the formal designs. Another delight was that bones somehow seem entirely fitting on the Victorian style pieces. Additionally there were pieces for men and women. As the Doktor frequently notes, there’s often far more “cool” stuff for women than men in terms of clothing and accessories, but in this case, everyone can find something suitable. The Doktor was especially taken with several of the jawbone necklaces.

Jawbone necklaces -- Photo credit Poking Dead Things

Jawbone necklaces — Photo credit Poking Dead Things

Ms Grimm gleefully explained her materials and practices. No animals are harmed in the process of making jewelry. Instead, she gathers roadkill and dead things in the woods. The remains are cleaned initially by 3 turkey buzzards, and then they are further cleaned sterilized, and sealed before becoming part of the jewelry.

If you are looking for unusual gifts sure to delight horror-fan-types, take a look at Poking Dead Things. Check out the shop on Etsy. Follow them on Facebook and on Instagram as @PokingDeadThings. Check out Instagram right now, and you’ll find a coupon code for a 20% discount on an Etsy purchase good through December 1. So hurry!

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