#378: Test Pilot Test

(30’s, Midwest USA)
In this dream, I am a test pilot of some type. I’m not myself at all; instead, I’m a middle aged guy, what I imagine the first generation of astronauts looked like.

I’m testing different types of capsules, landing capsules even. I’m led over to a new capsule, and this one looks like a crash couch. The capsule is round, and the astronaut lies in it in the fetal position.

They open the top for me to get in, and the interior is very very hot. It reeks of gasoline. They need me to get in it, and they are going to fill it with gasoline. Then they will heat it up and see if the gas catches fire with me inside.

If i do this, I know I’ll die. I know the last person who tested this died, and the interior is still hot from them testing it with him in it.

As i start climbing into the capsule, I wake up.

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