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Support IndieHorror.TV and the future of independent horror film-making

Robert Poole is a modest, rather mild mannered guy… and the evil genius behind IndieHorror.TV. Most every weekend for the past couple years, IndieHorror.TV has streamed an evening full of scary movies, supplemented by live Q&As with directors and actors, … Continue reading

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Alice in Ypsi

A quasi-legal street performance of Brillig, a snippet of Nerve’s Alice, erupted in downtown Ypsilanti last Friday, a couple blocks from that oh-so-phallic Water Tower, just down the way from the Heritage Festival and in front of a church where … Continue reading

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An Encounter with Horror Writer, Editor, and Digital Soothsayer, Séphera Giron

If I found myself cast in a remake of The Wolf Man, I would hope to find Séphera Giron portraying the traveling fortune teller I encounter in the woods. She would be perfect in this role. In addition to her … Continue reading

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“A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness” (2013) — Movie Review

Roughly half way through “A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness (2013)” is a prolonged shot of a man fishing on a lake while a rainstorm gently builds around him. The shot is stable with the only movement provided by … Continue reading

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Death, Fear and Bad Decisions: Green Burial Options

Halfway through the presentation on green burial options, I was fully creeped out but not at all by the practical and creative alternatives presented by Merilynne Rush of After Death Home Care. I was terrified by the fact of my … Continue reading

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Some Friendly Advice derived from Nerve’s “Welcome to the Rabbit Hole”

Generally good advice: if the White King asks you to play chess, think twice, but if the Red Queen invites you to dance, you should probably run. Unless you’ve encountered these royal figures during Nerve’s “Welcome to the Rabbit Hole” … Continue reading

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Skull Mask from Feral Works

Papa’s got a brand new skull… mask. This weekend at Penguicon 2014, I was wowed by many creative folks hawking their wares but the one piece I knew I had to bring home was a mask from Feral Works. I … Continue reading

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Indie Horror Movie “FOUND” Finds Distribution

Fangoria Magazine announced that Scott Schirmer’s award winning feature “Found” will receive distribution by The October People and that makes me smile a broad, toothy grin. Elsa and I watched “Found” at the IndieHorror.TV First Anniversary Party, and I’m looking … Continue reading

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“The River Through the Trees” by David Peak

Cold? Good. Snowing? Even better. Settle in for a creepy, literate ride through rural Michigan with “The River Through the Trees,” a novella by David Peak (Blood Bound Books, 2013) I’m a sucker for tales set in my home state … Continue reading

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“Mortal Coil” – 3D Printed Slinky Skull

It’s a toy! It’s high-tech! It’s prompts meditation on the fleeting nature of mortal existence! It’s “Mortal Coil,” a nifty 3D printed skull designed by Ryan Kittleson and available on Shapeways. So much to love here. “Mortal Coil” is cleverly … Continue reading

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Skulls Under Foot – Art Installation “What Will You Leave Behind?”

As a fan of bones, skulls and site specific art installations, I dig this Bangkok art show that covered the entire floor of the gallery with tiny skulls. Artist Nino Sarabutra asks if we left this world tomorrow, what would … Continue reading

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Borderlands Press Writers’ Boot Camp – Eye Witness Report

—————————————————————————————————— Special Guest Blogger, Sean M. Davis just got back from the Borderlands Press Writer’s Boot Camp and the Doktor is green with envy. Borderlands Press has published several Stoker Award winning books and runs an intensive retreat for writers … Continue reading

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Vehicles as Bone Sculptures

My affection for skeletons, those tiny sculptures we wear inside, is well-known so how could I help but dig these sculptures by Jitish Kallat? Kallat re-envisions the structures that lurk beneath the surfaces of familiar vehicles, positing organic bones. The … Continue reading

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“Sins of the Father” – My FIRST Short Horror Film now live on YouTube

“Sins of the Father,” my short horror film about an unintended victim of corporal punishment, is available for your viewing pleasure at YouTube and at the link below. Why did I make a movie when I’ve got such an soft … Continue reading

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Horrific Snacks: Skull Cakes

Tonight, the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers gather for an evening of crappy holiday-themed horror movies. We mock, chat… and snack. Last year, I brought a cheese ball shaped (more or less) like HellRaiser’s Pinhead and Elsa brought a … Continue reading

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Life Lessons from an Active Shooter Training

I am not the bad-ass in life that I am in my dreams but today, I learned that I’m not very bad-ass even in make-believe. I “survived” a two-hour scenario-based training session designed to model responses to an active shooter … Continue reading

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Video: Your Brain (without drugs) Ladies, Gentlemen, a brain. Stuff like this just fills me with wonder and delight, as is fitting for the son of a science teacher who kept stuff to dissect in the basement freezer. Come to find out that many … Continue reading

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Skull Cake Pan from Williams-Sonoma

Note the evident glee of this shopper. Is it caused by finding a cake pan SHAPED LIKE A FREAKING SKULL or because this pan was marked down to roughly a quarter of its pre-Hallowe’en price? It even looks cool as … Continue reading

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“Zombie Blast” Energy Drink

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead” is a common enough refrain among college students, web coders and maniacally-geeked Black Friday shoppers. If sleep is not an option and you’re feeling a little “undead,” you might consider this zombie-influenced energy drink, “Zombie … Continue reading

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IndieHorror.TV First Anniversary Party

Remember back in junior high, inviting a couple friends over to eat pizza and watch horror movies in your parent’s basement on a Saturday night? Those were good times, great times and that’s exactly the vibe I got from IndieHorror.TV … Continue reading

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