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Nightmares about Bugs!

If you are looking for bug-related nightmares to inspire 100-word stories, follow the links below. Keep in mind that we’re defining the category broadly, so topics can include insects and arachnids, worms and slugs, ants, bees and creepy crawlies as … Continue reading

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Daily Nightmare Interviewed by Little Red Reviewer

We were delighted to meet the Little Red Reviewer at Context this past fall and excited to be interviewed recently by her. You can read all the details on her blog here. We both had a great time answering her … Continue reading

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Til Death Do Us Part– Films from Three Corpse Circus

If you are among those who need a good mouthful of horror to get rid of the saccharine-sweet taste of Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to attend the Three Corpse Circus‘ upcoming evening of short horror films at the Corner Brewery … Continue reading

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More Weird and Wonderful Gift Ideas

Here are a few more suggestions from the denizens of to make your holidays a little brighter. As with our earlier Weird and Wonderful Gift suggestions, the ideas below are fantastic opportunities to show off-the-beaten-path affection for the macabre-lover, … Continue reading

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A Last Minute Guide to Krampus

If you are a reader of the, you certainly are aware of our fascination with Krampus. We hold such admiration for Holiday Troll that we have named him #2 on the list of scariest Christmas monsters. We’ve watched with … Continue reading

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Learning to Tease with Luna Legare

Last Tuesday in the basement of Bona Sera, Ypsilanti, local burlesque star Luna Legare taught me a thing or two about stripping in public. Sure, there were shimmery gloves, sparkly costumes, and dance music, but lessons of the new burlesque … Continue reading

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Weird and Wonderful Gifts: Cyberoptix Tie Lab

Which one of these flashy hand-screened ties from Cyberoptix Tie Lab did the Doktor purchase? The photo does not clearly display all the details, so let me point out some of the features. Ties from Cyberoptix are quality products with … Continue reading

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Weird and Wonderful Gifts: Books and eBooks from ChiZine Publications

If books and ebooks are on your gift lists, hurry over to ChiZine Publications where a Black Friday Sale continues until Monday. With an 80% discount off of ebooks, this is a great opportunity to snap up some gifts for … Continue reading

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Weird and Wonderful Gifts: Poking Dead Things

One unexpected discovery at the Three Corpse Circus– unexpected for a film festival– was the hand-crafted jewelry of the Poking Dead Things shop. While I was surveying the grand lobby of the Michigan Theatre between screenings, the lovely display of … Continue reading

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Nightmare #362: The Bad Assassin

(Male, 50’s) There is no way I can convey the absolute terror I had in this dream. Reading over what I’ve written down makes it all sound like kind of a joke, but honestly, I woke up in the middle … Continue reading

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The Return of IndieHorror.TV

IndieHorror.TV relaunches on October 30 with a full weekend of independently made horror films. After a short hiatus of re-organizing, IndieHorror.Tv is now broadcasting through ChromeCast, allowing them to give a later audience a satisfying viewing experience. IndieHorror.TV is a … Continue reading

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Nightmare #361: Belief and fear

(Male, 40s) As a child, I had a recurring nightmare about a monster under my bed. The horrific thing about it was not its scaly skin, nor its long and sinewy arms and legs, nor its needle-sharp teeth (I knew … Continue reading

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Date Night along Marshall’s Haunted Trail

How far would you go for true love? The ends of the Earth? The Underworld? Marshall, Michigan? Friday night found the Doktor and me walking hand-in-hand down the annual Haunted Trail in Marshall, this one titled “Johnny Octane Vs. The … Continue reading

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#360: House of 1000 Copses

(70% Female, 30% Norse Warrior, 1014 years old) As a teen, I had a recurring nightmare that I was trapped in a house which had been overtaken by a massive, sinister forest. Ungodly large trees had grown up right through … Continue reading

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Theatre Bizarre 2014: a review in three scenes

The Leech Doktor and I agree that if October is the best month of the year, then Theatre Bizarre is the month’s pinnacle. This past weekend we indulged ourselves at both the Gala preview and The Illusionists’ Ball, leaving with … Continue reading

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Come One, Come All to Three Corpse Circus, 2014

The Three Corpse Circus, that annual festival of international short horror films, is rolling into Ann Arbor this week with several days of entertainment. The Big Top event, so to speak — a whole day of short horror — happens … Continue reading

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How to Haunt Your Home, Part Two: setting the stage

By Michael Cieslak Welcome to part two of our discussion of how to haunt your home. As noted in our first installment, we’re investigating what is required to turn your residence into something fantastically frightening for Halloween. In terms of … Continue reading

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Submit your Horror Film to the Three Corpse Circus Film Festival

The Three Corpse Circus is soliciting submissions for their 5th Annual Film Festival coming up in October, 2014. The Three Corpse Circus event brings together horror artists and fans to enjoy their passion for the macabre at a day-long film … Continue reading

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#359: Very Hairy

(Female, 30’s) Okay, here’s a hilariously weird, hairy dream I had recently. In the dream, I was getting dressed to go out. I decided to hear a sleeveless top, so I stood in front of a mirror and lifted my … Continue reading

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Chocolate Skull: Life-sized, accurate, delicious

Here’s an off-the-beaten-path present that astonish and surprise even the person who has everything! Black Chocolate Company out of Manchester, English crafts life-sized anatomically correct skulls in four tempting flavors, including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel chocolate and chili chocolate. … Continue reading

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