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#360: House of 1000 Copses

(70% Female, 30% Norse Warrior, 1014 years old) As a teen, I had a recurring nightmare that I was trapped in a house which had been overtaken by a massive, sinister forest. Ungodly large trees had grown up right through … Continue reading

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Theatre Bizarre 2014: a review in three scenes

The Leech Doktor and I agree that if October is the best month of the year, then Theatre Bizarre is the month’s pinnacle. This past weekend we indulged ourselves at both the Gala preview and The Illusionists’ Ball, leaving with … Continue reading

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Come One, Come All to Three Corpse Circus, 2014

The Three Corpse Circus, that annual festival of international short horror films, is rolling into Ann Arbor this week with several days of entertainment. The Big Top event, so to speak — a whole day of short horror — happens … Continue reading

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How to Haunt Your Home, Part Two: setting the stage

By Michael Cieslak Welcome to part two of our discussion of how to haunt your home. As noted in our first installment, we’re investigating what is required to turn your residence into something fantastically frightening for Halloween. In terms of … Continue reading

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Submit your Horror Film to the Three Corpse Circus Film Festival

The Three Corpse Circus is soliciting submissions for their 5th Annual Film Festival coming up in October, 2014. The Three Corpse Circus event brings together horror artists and fans to enjoy their passion for the macabre at a day-long film … Continue reading

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#359: Very Hairy

(Female, 30’s) Okay, here’s a hilariously weird, hairy dream I had recently. In the dream, I was getting dressed to go out. I decided to hear a sleeveless top, so I stood in front of a mirror and lifted my … Continue reading

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Chocolate Skull: Life-sized, accurate, delicious

Here’s an off-the-beaten-path present that astonish and surprise even the person who has everything! Black Chocolate Company out of Manchester, English crafts life-sized anatomically correct skulls in four tempting flavors, including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel chocolate and chili chocolate. … Continue reading

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#358: Child Vampire

(Male, 30’s) I don’t remember the whole nightmare story, but I remember one awful scene involving a child vampire.

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Nightmare #357: Awful knowledge

(Female, 50’s) I had a dream so awful last night that I haven’t been able to think or talk about it without crying, but you asked me to write it down so here goes. The dream was about carrying around … Continue reading

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Book Launch: An Aberrant Mind by Ken MacGregor

It’s not every day that a local horror fiction writer and colleague launches a new short story collection– but this Saturday is such a day. Ken MacGregor will read from this just-released book, An Aberrant Mind, and sign copies at … Continue reading

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Nightmare #355: Locked out

(Male, 40s) This bad dream came at the end of a night of bad dreams, one right after the other. They weren’t all scary, but they were all disturbing and unsettling, which made for a really crappy night of sleep. … Continue reading

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Call for Submissions for the’s Second Anthology is accepting submissions for its second annual anthology of 100-word prose poems based on any of the 350-plus nightmares currently posted on the site ( Payment will be $10.00 made via PayPal and a .pdf of the final anthology … Continue reading

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Nightmare #354: Strange Supper

(female 30s) I don’t remember the rest of the dream, only one strange scene of it– which I would consider a nightmare for sure. I was in some new place with people I didn’t know, and across the room, there … Continue reading

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Nightmare #353: Lost in the Landscape

(Female 20s) I’m not sure if this counts as a nightmare, but here goes. I have a couple of landscapes that reoccur in my dreams. They are like the background to a different story each time, but when I see … Continue reading

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Nightmare #352: Saving the Town from Godzilla

(Female 40’s) This was a crazy dream I had when I was a kid that mixed up those monster movie plots with Nancy Drew-style problem solving. It was about how I used my smarts to save the town from Godzilla– … Continue reading

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Historic, Poetic Ways to Say “Died”

The Doktor recommended to me a fascinating post titled “101 Ways to Say ‘Died’” on Vast Public Indifference, a nifty website devoted to “History, grad school, and gravestones!” I checked out the website and the impressive collection of photos of … Continue reading

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Nightmare #351: Bad Dad versus Good Dad

(Female 50’s) This dream is so obviously rooted in television sit-com culture of the 1960’s, like Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, and Gilligan’s Island– as are many of my childhood experiences. Now that I think about it, a lot of … Continue reading

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Opening Night of Menton3’s Katabasis Show at Last Rites Gallery

If the Doktor and I had our druthers — and a large travel budget or a private plane–, I have no doubt where we would be tonight: at the opening of Katabasis, menton3’s first solo show at the Last Rites … Continue reading

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Movie: “The Woman”

Be prepared for a unsettlingly creepy and weirdly gory viewing with The Woman (Bloody Disgusting Selects), directed by Lucky McKee, based on a book by Jack Ketchum and Lucky McKee, also titled The Woman. If you expect to be surprised, … Continue reading

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Nightmare #350: Bloody, bloody nose

(Female 40’s) I don’t know if this counts as a nightmare, but it was a bad dream. It’s got the same things happening as other bad dreams I’d had, which is kind of funny when you think about it: pain, … Continue reading

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