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Date Night along Marshall’s Haunted Trail

How far would you go for true love? The ends of the Earth? The Underworld? Marshall, Michigan? Friday night found the Doktor and me walking hand-in-hand down the annual Haunted Trail in Marshall, this one titled “Johnny Octane Vs. The … Continue reading

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MICROFEAR–Kickstarting high quality miniature horror scenes

Space is more than the final frontier; its limited quantities plague collectors of all persuasions. Where to put that new wonder? Horror collectors have one new option for their over-stuffed cabinets of wonders: Microfear miniature horror scenes currently seeking production … Continue reading

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An Interview with Kathe Koja about nerve and their upcoming production of Alice

Just when we thought October could not get any better, nerve’s production of Alice graces all the remaining weekends of the month. We have been following the development of this immersive theater experience with great interest and caught several of … Continue reading

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Coffin-Building Advice from a Master Woodworker

Funerals and wakes are great parties thrown on one day the guest of honor can’t enjoy them. Master woodworker Chris Schwarz presents one way around that conundrum, sort of, in this description of a coffin-building party. Chris Schwartz is the … Continue reading

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Historic, Poetic Ways to Say “Died”

The Doktor recommended to me a fascinating post titled “101 Ways to Say ‘Died’” on Vast Public Indifference, a nifty website devoted to “History, grad school, and gravestones!” I checked out the website and the impressive collection of photos of … Continue reading

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Opening Night of Menton3’s Katabasis Show at Last Rites Gallery

If the Doktor and I had our druthers — and a large travel budget or a private plane–, I have no doubt where we would be tonight: at the opening of Katabasis, menton3’s first solo show at the Last Rites … Continue reading

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A Haunted Michigan Vacation

Sometimes, when looking for excitement and adventure, one has to go no further than one’s own backyard– or one’s state. Although I am Michigan born and bred, I have been informed that “Pure Michigan” was waiting for me, but I … Continue reading

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Katabasis Kickstarter Project: Dark and Funded

Katabasis is a hard cover art book based on a solo art show by Menton J. Matthews III at the Last Rites Gallery in New York in April, 2014. And it’s also a successfully funded Kickstarter project. We’re pleased to … Continue reading

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“Til Death Do Us Part” — Severed Heads Wedding Cake

Oh, to be young and in love, and just starting out in life! There’s the excitement of planning the wedding and coming up with the perfect everything to convey just what you mean to each other. Each aspect of a … Continue reading

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Video: Scary Japanese Tire Commercial… with warning!

A good reason, which you may not have considered, for buying the very best tires!

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IndieHorror.TV First Anniversary Party

Remember back in junior high, inviting a couple friends over to eat pizza and watch horror movies in your parent’s basement on a Saturday night? Those were good times, great times and that’s exactly the vibe I got from IndieHorror.TV … Continue reading

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21st Annual Marshall City Rec Haunted Trail

Of all the holiday seasons, the Doktor and I enjoy Halloween best of all. We have our traditions — Nosferatu at the Michigan Theater, decorations and frightening foods, the masques and costumes, the surprises and treats — and we’ve made … Continue reading

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‘Tis nearly the season for scary fun and the Haunted Garage Sale, Saturday, September 7, is a great place to pick up new or gently used haunting gear. Located at the Halloween Bazaar, 50 North Grosbeck in Mount Clemens, the … Continue reading

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Dead Residents of New Orleans

Elsa and I could squeeze in only a bit of sight-seeing given the tight programming schedule of World Horror Convention / Bram Stoker Award Weekend. The sight we saw? New Orleans Cemetery #1, of course. We weren’t the only horror … Continue reading

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Amber Benson’s Ghosts

When attending a convention, one expects to have encounters with other participants and the location, and then to come away with fresh knowledge and clearer understandings. One doesn’t expect to expand one’s impression of a television star as being insightful, … Continue reading

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Bones are great. They keep vertebrates erect, provide a handle when consuming meat but most importantly, perhaps is that bones just look cool. They’re like tiny sculptures hidden away in flesh. Humans have used bones as jewelry probably for as … Continue reading

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Revisit the deep-seated fears and anxieties of the 1970’s in Scarfolk

Do you dream of traveling beyond everyday life to exotic locations?  Would your ideal vacation include a time-travel option as well?  If you are looking for a quirky and unusual destination, consider a visit to Scarfolk. With the click of … Continue reading

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Best Date Ever–Face Casting at StudioFX101

– by Elsa L. What makes for a memorable date experience? For me, the best dates are unique, perhaps extravagant and indulgent outings, where I get to experience new sensations while bathed in the attentions of my loved one and … Continue reading

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Skull Studded Wedding Cake

Lot’s of marriage vows use the phrase “Til Death Us Do Part” but that usually gets underplayed at the reception… not with this cake, festooned as it is with skulls. I’ve linked to this wonderful shock-food site previously and it’s … Continue reading

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Cool Stuff: SpeedCult Detroit Metal Goods

Eyegor, Elsa and I strolled the ever-amusing Rustbelt Artists Market in fashionable Ferndale yesterday and I stumbled upon SpeedCult Detroit. Where have they been all my life? I remarked to the statuesque Betty Page behind the counter that it’s like … Continue reading

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