DailyNightmare PODCAST – Nicole Cushing Interview

Several works by Nicole Cushing

Several works by Nicole Cushing

The World Horror Convention is a great opportunity to meet authors, publishers and agents from around the world… and from around the corner. I was able to talk with Nicole Cushing, one of my favorite up and coming authors of darkly weird fiction who just happens to live in Indiana. I had only read her novellas, Children of No One (DarkFuse 2013) and I am the New God (DarkFuse 2014) when I interviewed her, but I am currently working through her first collection of short stories, The Mirrors (Cicatrix Press, 2015) which I picked up at World Horror Convention 2015. I also grabbed her Bizarro work, “How to Eat Fried Furries“(Eraserhead Press, 2010). Her novel, Mr Suicide, will be released this July and is already getting some stellar press from folks whose opinion counts.

I am also a member of the Nicole Cushing postcard club which we discuss in the podcast and which is, frankly, a hoot and a half. A selection of these monthly missives can be seen in the photo above.

Nicole’s business card bills her as a “freelance nihilist” which suggests the dark wit that I find so compelling, both in her fiction and in person. I thank her for being so generous with her time for this interview.

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