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“Hemlock Grove” – Netflix Original Series – Not “Snob” but Not Bad

“Hemlock Grove” the new horror-flavored Netflix Original Series premiered this weekend and I was transfixed this afternoon while I watched the first five episodes. The dialogue is snappy, the acting is at times inspired, even if the setting is a … Continue reading

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Lycanthropy and Cartography – Together at LAST!

We at the DailyNighmare simply LOVE it when non-horror-related websites post about ooky phenomena like lycanthropy. And you can’t get much farther away from horror than the mild-mannered activity of map-making — I mean apart from that famous serial killer … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement: Wolfsbane in Bloom

“Even those who are pure of heart, and say their prayers at night, can become a wolf, when the wolfsbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright…” Continue reading

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Halloween Playlist: 13 Songs about Wolves, Werewolves and Shapeshifters

“…Thirteen songs are enough to anchor a good party mix. This playlist is for a lycanthropic party…” Continue reading

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Nightmare #285 – Devouring, Choking

“…I changed into a wolf demon as well…” Continue reading

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This Just In – Lycanthropic Footwear

I saw these shoes a few days ago and they have haunted my imagination, literally, ever since. They appear to be a pair of standard, somewhat boring men’s shoes that are caught in the middle of transforming into werewolf feet. … Continue reading

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Nightmare #114 – Contraband in a Deadly Wrapper

…The police suspect a trap and they are right to… Continue reading

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